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Benefits to Merchants

MyCityPrize offers services such as mobile marketing, social media campaign creation/management, search engine optimization and our daily deals service. Each of these services has their own set of benefits for your business. Each of these services are designed to get people looking at your business and ultimately purchasing your products or services.

Today's customers are finding local merchants on their smartphones, and talking about their experiences on their social sites. To be successful, merchants must be expertly represented in both markets, and their virtual storefront, their website, must be properly structured to appear to the largest number of potential clients. With more than a half million smartphones in the area, and most routinely used to find local businesses, they are now the most significant customer base in existence, and the numbers continue to grow larger.

Mobile Marketing Benefits

  • One of the most cost-effective ways to advertise a business
  • Millions of consumers are now redeeming coupons online
  • A smartphone is the only piece of technology that travels with consumers at all times and can indicate whether someone is at home, on-the-go, or near/inside a retail store

Social Media Benefits

  • Daily Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement
  • Drive Web Traffic
  • Client Retention
  • Weekly Postings
  • Target Specific Markets
  • Lead Generation

SEO Benefits

  • Daily Brand Exposure
  • Customers Can Find You Quickly
  • Higher Rankings on Search Engines
  • Higher Profits
  • Area Targeted Promotions
  • Video Marketing

Daily Deals and Offers Benefits

  • A merchant can target a larger audience of customers by zip code, gender, age, and interests
  • The merchants set their own price, and keep 100% of the revenue
  • Focused promotion can result in increased traffic and profits in a very short period of time