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"I have a full time corporate gig and trying to manage the restaurant has taken a toll on me. MyCityPrize is a great company and superb customer service - I really enjoyed working with you guys. You have a great team!" - Jeff J. (Knead Pizza)

“It was great talking with you today about a plan for Jersey Girlz. With business being soft there is no doubt we need to go into a more aggressive mode. I think your ideas about getting into pages on Facebook in dance studios, tanning salons and schools is definitely a wonderful start. We are very happy with what you have done so far and can't wait to see you get us where we need to be. I love that every time we converse you always have a game plan... That's impressive, because most people don't, we really appreciate your efforts.” - Lisa A. (Jersey Girlz LLC)

“Skinthetics Medical Spa has had the highest return on investment since signing up with MyCityPrize than any other advertisement we have done. Their customer service team goes above and beyond to assist in our campaigns and to help us come up wth creative advertisements to reach out to new clients, and our existing clientele, as well as maintaining our social media sites. I highly recommend MyCityPrize to all business owners!” - Jen N. (Manager of Skinthetics Medical Spa)

“You guys move fast, I love it!”Tracey W. (Owner of Belle Visage Laser Spa)

“MyCityPrize's social media management has freed me up to focus on the day-to-day activities of my business. Their postings are always professional, yet creative and engaging! I've seen a great response from my customers!” - Sarah K. (Owner of Simply Creative by Lily C)

“I could not keep up with the social media that is required for my small business. I've been working with MyCityPrize for about three months. I find them very professional and now I don't have to worry about creating promotions, sending out tweets, Facebook etc. It has helped bring in new students and it’s a win/win for me! Thank you MyCityPrize!”  - Arlene D. (Yoga Now)